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Get Junk Removal and Disposal Before It’s a Problem

The junk that slowly piles up in your house or garage usually isn’t a problem until it is. Meaning until it invites pests or mold or starts to block everything. At EZ Haulers, we can help you take care of your junk. Whatever it may be, as long as it’s not trash, we’ll recycle and reuse what we can or properly dispose of it if it’s of no more use.

A mountain of junk that could be removed by E-Z Haulers

The Benefits of Choosing EZ Haulers for Junk Removal

  • We’ll take pretty much anything that’s not trash

  • We offer removal appointments or curbside pickup
  • We try to find new homes for any usable items
  • We process and recycle many items, disposing of what’s left when we’re done
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Junk Removal

Junk Removal For Tacoma and Olympia

Every one of us has experienced the horror that comes with having a yard full of junk. Right? Ok, well maybe not everyone, but like a traffic ticket, pretty much everyone will have something that they need to junk at some point. It may be an old stove that has been sitting in your garage for the last ten years, you know, because it is always good to have a spare. Or those piles of Christmas lights that have accumulated in the attic, the ones you saved because half of the bulbs were still good. Well, over time we tend to accumulate junk, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it can get get out of control quickly. Now to be fair, the large majority of us do not have a junk problem and only need the occasional run to the dump.

What Purpose Your Old Junk Can Serve

As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and we’ve seen that play out a thousand times before. Everything serves a purpose, and many things can serve them over and over again or change their purpose before they have to return to the earth. This is the goal with all of your old junk when you work with E-Z Haulers. We’ll use the proper methods and channels to make sure that your junk removal and disposal is done properly, so that others can make the best use of the product or materials.

What May Come of Your Old Junk After Removal

Oftentimes, the reason we’ve held onto material items for so long is because we have an emotional connection to them, and while they may no longer be what we want to wear or have in our living room, they’re still useful and we just can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. That’s a perfect situation to use E-Z Haulers. We make sure that these items get into the hands of people who can and want to use them, through donations, refurbishings, and processing for recycling.

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There When You Need Us

EZ-Haulers is your local, Tacoma, Olympia, Washington, and surrounding areas junk removal company. Junk removal? That’s right, we haul away your unwanted stuff. Of course, we do have a select few items that we are not able to take. Things like junk cars, motorcycles, trucks, hazardous materials, and of course anything that will explode. We do take electronics for recycling, which are notoriously difficult to get rid of, which is probably why we occasionally see TV’s dumped along the highway. Contact us today for more information about junk removal!

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The Green Solution

Hauling your unwanted materials to the proper disposal sites is the responsible way to get rid of unwanted junk. Many times local garbage companies will not take items like washers, couches, and larger items. What is a homeowner to do when they are faced with getting rid of a perfectly delightful floral couch that was made in the Carter administration? Some take the environmentally irresponsible path and dump it in the middle of nowhere. This is not only illegal, but makes the area look terrible. EZ-Haulers is the affordable alternative to loading up that sleeper sofa into your Prius and risking traffic on the I-5 to get to the landfill. We get your junk to the proper disposal sites without the hassle of worrying about where to take it and how to get it there.

How It Works

If you have spent the weekend cleaning out the basement or the garage, you probably are exhausted and have a bunch of junk that needs to disappear. Help is only a phone call away and you will be astounded about how quickly your junk disappears. It is like having a magic wand that specializes in making junk disappear! We are not simply a junk removal company however, we take pretty much anything, except for the items that were outlined above. We take building waste, asphalt, all kinds of appliances, and even that hot tub you have not used in four years. If you are located in Pierce or King Counties, simply dial (253)-200-1244 and in Thurston County call our hotline at (360) 447-6845 and let us know what type of junk you need removed.

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