Every one of us has experienced the horror that comes with having a yard full of junk. Right? Ok, well maybe not everyone, but like a traffic ticket, pretty much everyone will have something that they need to junk at some point. It may be an old stove that has been sitting in your garage for the last ten years, you know, because it is always good to have a spare. Or those piles of Christmas lights that have accumulated in the attic, the ones you saved because half of the bulbs were still good. Well, over time we tend to accumulate junk, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it can get get out of control quickly. Now to be fair, the large majority of us do not have a junk problem and only need the occasional run to the dump.

There When You Need Us

EZ-Haulers is your local, Seattle and Tacoma junk removal company. Junk removal? That’s right, we haul away your unwanted stuff. Of course we do have a select few items that we are not able to take. Things like junk cars, motorcycles, trucks, hazardous materials, and of course anything that will explode. We do take electronics, which are notoriously difficult to get rid of, which is probably why we occasionally see TV’s dumped along the highway. Contact us today for more information about junk removal!