The thing about appliances is that once they go out, there is no real reason to repurpose them. Well, I suppose you could, but who ever said, “That old water heater would look great as an end table”? So once your appliances have gone to the great scrap heap in the sky, it is time to consider what to do with the bodies. At EZ-Haulers we are your local junk hauling contractor and we take pride in serving the Seattle and Tacoma areas.

Small Appliances

The small appliance is generally not something that people consider an item that should be hauled away but rather thrown directly in the trash. The problem with that is, many of the components used in small appliances are toxic when broken down and should be responsibly disposed of. Things like microwaves, coffee pots, toaster ovens and even those little coffee makers that use the pods all contain materials that are best left to the recycling bin. If you go into your basement and it looks like a small appliance graveyard, it is time to contact EZ-Haulers today.