When you’re cleaning out your living spaces for spring cleaning, before a big event, or just to reset and reorganize, you’re likely going to end up with unwanted items, junk, and even trash to handle by the time you’re done. However, when you’re dealing with these items, you have the option of figuring out what to do with them on your own or hiring a professional service to handle them for you! If you’re an avid DIY-er, you’re likely confident that you can handle junk removal on your own, which is always a great option, but if you’re looking for a way to get rid of your junk easily and quickly, our team is here to help! Keep reading to learn more about getting rid of junk on your own or working with a team to take care of it for you.


When you start out with cleaning out your garage, basement, rooms, or even your whole home, it can be overwhelming! Figuring out what you want to keep, what you want to throw away, what should be donated, and what can be recycled takes a lot of time and brain power. However, if you’re working with the professionals at EZ-Haulers, you can make clearing out your home easier because we work to dispose of your unwanted items responsibly, so we’ll donate items that can be useful to others and we also make sure to recycle items and materials that are eligible! That means that instead of making multiple piles of items you don’t want, you’ll simply need to create two — things you’ll keep and things for us to haul away!


Of course, once you’re done with separating everything into different categories of keep or not, DIY-ers then have to find transportation for all of the items they’re getting rid of. If you have a smaller car or a large amount of items to get rid of, you may need to take several trips to the dump just to make progress. Additionally, some facilities only take a limited range of items, so you may not be able to get rid of everything all at once. When you work with the professionals at EZ-Haulers, we haul your junk away for you, and we’ll take most items, from furniture to appliances and even hot tubs! You’ll never have to worry about where to take your old couch or what to do with that ancient TV in the basement, we’ll handle it for you!


If you’re cleaning out your home, not everything you’re getting rid of should be thrown away. Old clothes, furniture that’s still in good condition, and other usable items can instead be donated so others can enjoy them. However, if you’re working on junk removal by yourself, finding donation centers and making the extra trip to a separate facility can take up a lot of your time, slowing down your progress and extending the amount of time you’re working on your clean-out. EZ-Haulers can help reduce your project time by taking care of all your unwanted items at once, and we’ll donate all usable items to local organizations that can use them!


Recycling is an important part of keeping our environment cleaner and our planet more healthy, so instead of tossing everything, separating out recyclable materials and items can make a smaller impact on the environment. This takes a lot of additional time, especially if you need to find facilities to recycle those items, but EZ-Haulers can take care of your recyclable items for you!

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