As the weather gets colder, it’s time to prepare your home for fall. With the help of EZ-Haulers and our junk removal services, you’ll be able to relax in your house and enjoy the change in weather after a few good cleaning sessions. Here are four different ways to clean out and prepare your home for a comfy, cozy fall, and eventually, winter.


Falling leaves during the Autumn season can be a menace to cleanup, especially here in the Tacoma area. But, knowing that you have EZ-Haulers to rely on to remove any excess junk out of your yard so you can focus on the foliage will help. Whether it’s your old sofa with a “FREE” sign that never got picked up or the neighboring apartment’s trash that’s been blowing over, we can take care of it. If you need any junk removal in the Tacoma area before raking the leaves and cleaning up your yard for the fall, contact our team so we can haul it away.


Instead of limiting a deep household cleaning to just once a year in the spring time and calling it “spring cleaning”, it’s actually best to do a deep cleaning twice a year. In fact, it can be especially important to do a deep cleaning before it gets cold so that less is potentially hoarded during the winter months. Spend a few days cleaning out every room, gathering any useless junk, such as broken furniture, random scraps, and more, and contact EZ-Haulers for easy junk removal services. We’ll haul away the junk, making it easier for you to take the time to donate items that can still be used and focus on your cleaning tasks.


For many, our garage or shed can be a place where garbage and junk lives. Have no fear, you can always rely on EZ-Haulers and our junk removal services. Take a day or two to really clean out your garage, shed, or both and gather any junk that can be given away to our collectors. Give us a call once everything you don’t want anymore is ready for us to haul away for good. Learn more about our garage cleanout service.

Get your home ready for fall with EZ-Haulers and our junk removal services! After you get your yard, home, garage, and shed nice and cleaned out, we’ll do the honors of hauling away any unwanted and unsable junk. Learn more about our specialty hauling services such as appliance haulingfurniture hauling, and then contact us today to get started!