How to Get Rid of a Junk Boat

When a boat reaches the point where you no longer have use for it - either because it is malfunctioning or because you no longer have the time or urge to set sail - it becomes a burden. Like all trash, it is wrong to leave an old boat behind. That is why EZ-Haulers is here to help you remove and dispose of your boats in the Tacoma and Olympia area. Our team has broken down how you can get rid of your boats below:

Car towing boat

Don’t Try Doing This Alone

Taking boats to the dump by yourself can be an expensive trip, especially if the boat itself is particularly large. Likewise, attempting to scrap a boat as someone without experience is both complex and hazardous. To avoid spending a boatload of money, wasting time, and possibly injuring yourself, the correct move is to call EZ-Haulers and have your boat professionally towed away.

boat docked

Boat Removal and Disposal

We’ll remove any boat no matter the size for you. When you call us and schedule an appointment for pick-up, we’ll arrive on-time and take the burden off your hands. Once we remove the boat from the premises, we will dispose of it properly. To dispose of these vehicles, we have a couple different methods.

Man deconstructing boat

Deconstruct for Recycling

Because boats are so large, they are also composed of an abundance of finite resources such as copper and steel that can be recycled or reused. We believe it is the responsibility of boat owners to keep their boats alive by ensuring these resources get into the right hands so they can be recycled or refurbished, staying active in our environments. Though the boat may be junk to you, it can be someone else’s treasure if we handle the disposal properly.

Boat engine piece

Sell the Parts

In this same line of thinking, you could sell parts of your boat to other people in the Tacoma and Olympia communities. They could find ways to utilize certain aspects of your boat and implement them into their own ship. Once you have your boat broken down, there are numerous ways to still find value in what is seemingly trash.

If you live near Tacoma or Olympia, and you decide it is time to get rid of your boat, call EZ-Haulers to set up a pick-up appointment. From there, we can dispose of it and get its parts to the necessary people. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you remove your junk.