It’s a sunny autumn day, the Seahawks game will be on soon, the grill is just a couple hours away from being fired up and the last thing you want to do is clean out your garage. Every time you see it, the anxiety courses up your spine like someone dumped a bucket of water on your head. You vaguely feel what may only be stress related chest pains as you scan the stacked boxes, piles of kids toys and totes of buried Christmas decorations. You look to your garage and then to your car sitting in the driveway, and back to your garage, wondering where the snow scraper ended up last spring.

Does this sound like something you go through whenever the weather starts to turn colder? The feeling of dread you get when you feel the first whisper of winter breathing in your ear, and you know that your beloved car is going to spend it the season in the driveway. With EZ Haulers you can finally clear out that garage and park your vehicle out of the elements. Of course, your garage is not going to clean itself and as we all know the first step is always the hardest.


The common, two-stall garage is one of the most underutilized spaces in many homes. We mistreat the garage, neglect the garage and even resent the garage on our home, especially if it is filled up with junk that should be headed to the landfill. We know you love your car but do you really love those Christmas lights from the previous century? Or do you really need that stand up paddleboard? The answer is no, there is something fundamentally wrong with stand up paddleboards, dude, get a boat. The point is, half of the stuff in your garage is pretty much things you can live without or should be in storage. Your garage is meant to be used as a place to park your car — or at least utilized for something fun like a yoga studio or a man cave. Why you may ask? Because your garage deserves more.


When sifting through decades of stuff in your garage it is important to remember one thing, the (insert decade here) is over and you really do not need to hang on to the physical trappings of that era, besides your hair was probably awful anyway. The old rule is if you haven’t used something in a year, you probably don’t need it, of course that does not include awesome things like your old cat toys or shot glass collection. Both of those things you will never actually use again but, hey, you never know. The point is, it is truly easier to get rid of all the extra junk in your garage than continuously accumulating and ending up leaving a bunch of stuff behind your kids are going to throw away anyway.


Now that you have a Rainier sized pile in your driveway, what do you do next? First of all jump online and post something about free stuff. People will come running while you sit inside by the window and judge them. Just make sure that your crazy neighbor does not add stuff to the pile. When the dust has settled, and you realize that nobody wanted your old stuff either, it is time to contact the junk removal professionals at EZ Haulers. We will come to your home and make that pile of memories (junk) disappear. While you are at it, how about getting rid of that old couch that you never moved off of the front porch or the above ground swimming pool that you haven’t used in four years. We haul furniture and yard waste all the time, and items like appliances and hot tubs that are hard to get rid of? We can make them a distant memory. Not only will you have a clean garage without the hassle of heading to the landfill or recycle yourself, but you may just rekindle a connection with your garage.