lawn chairs on green grass

Spring Clean Your Yard of Old Structures With EZ-Hauling

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to start fresh than by cleaning up your yard? If you have any old structures or debris that need to be removed, don't worry - EZ-Hauling can help! Serving the Tacoma and Olympia area, we'll take away all the hassle so you can focus on enjoying your yard this season. Read through some of the ways we can help clear your yard then visit our website for a free estimate!

a hot tub on a deck

Hot Tub Removal

Unused or unkept hot tubs can become a haven for pests like mice and ants that will take advantage of the free material. With EZ-Haulers, not only will we remove your hot tub quickly, but we will see that it is recycled or repurposed, rather than just sitting in at a dump.

small dilapidated building

Small Structure Removal

Do you have an old shed or garage that's seen better days? Stop letting old, decaying structures take up space and decrease the value of your home! Take care of them quickly and efficiently with EZ-Haulers expert demolition team who will demolish the structure and take care of the cleanup!

weather worn red mobile home

RV Demolition

Not sure what to do with the old RV or mobile home that has been rusting on your property for a decade? Call the professionals at EZ-Haulers to take care of it! We'll ensure that it's demolished safely and as sustainably as we can manage.

old wooden boat on dry land

Boat Removal

Boats are a ton of fun until they are sitting unused in your yard, slowly falling apart with each passing season. Taking it to the dump can be expensive and difficult depending on the boat's size. With EZ-Haulers, all you have to worry about is making a phone call! We'll haul your boat off of your property regardless of its size, and ensure it reaches the right people who can recycle and reuse as much of the material as possible.

No matter what type of spring cleaning project you have, big or small, the experts at EZ-Hauling are here to help! We'll make sure the job is done quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy your yard all season long. Reclaim your yard by giving us a call today!