Tips for Preparing a Rental Property for New Tenants

As a landlord, you know you have several obligations when it comes to managing your rental property in Tacoma, WA. When your property is between tenants, one of your biggest responsibilities is preparing it for new tenants to move in. This job may require a lot of work, depending on how your previous tenants left the property. But fortunately, EZ Haulers is here to help with four practical tips. Read on to learn more, and contact us for your local junk removal needs.


Perform an Inspection

As soon as the previous tenants vacate your property, it’s important to walk through and perform an inspection. You’ll want to look for signs of damage, wear and tear, and other issues that may have arisen. Not only will this help determine what the previous tenants are responsible for paying for, but it’ll also give you an idea of how much maintenance is necessary.


Hire Professional Cleanout Services

There’s nothing worse than finding your previous tenants left your property filled with junk! However, you must get rid of it before renting the property to someone else. At EZ Haulers, we’re pleased to offer convenient apartment and rental junk removal in Tacoma to help. We’ll haul away whatever your previous tenants left behind, from furniture to old appliances.


Check the Appliances and Utilities

If you include appliances in your property for tenants to take advantage of, it’s worthwhile to check whether they’re still in working condition. After extensive use, items like washers or dryers and refrigerators may need to be repaired or replaced. Similarly, you should also check utilities like the plumbing or electrical.


Ensure the Property Is Spotless

One of the last steps in preparing your rental property for new tenants is to ensure it’s clean. Besides hiring local junk removal services, you should also clean up any dirt, grime, or bacteria that may be lingering. Even if you required your previous tenants to clean before vacating, it doesn’t hurt to touch up.

By following these tips, your rental property will be ready for new tenants in no time. If you need junk removal in Tacoma during the process, be sure to contact EZ Haulers for the job!

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