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Spring is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to start fresh than by cleaning up your yard? If you have any old structures or debris that need to be removed, don't worry - EZ-Hauling can help! Serving the Tacoma and Olympia area, we'll take away all the hassle so you can focus on enjoying your yard this season. Read through some of the ways we can help clear your yard then visit our website for a free estimate!


When a boat reaches the point where you no longer have use for it - either because it is malfunctioning or because you no longer have the time or urge to set sail - it becomes a burden. Like all trash, it is wrong to leave an old boat behind. That is why EZ-Haulers is here to help you remove and dispose of your boats in the Tacoma and Olympia area. Our team has broken down how you can get rid of your boats below:

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Do you have an old garage or shed on your property that is no longer being used? Have you ever imagined what you could do with all that extra space in your yard? At EZ-Haulers, we’ve been helping Washington homeowners throughout Tacoma, Olympia, and the surrounding areas with small structure demolition and removal projects for years. Let us help you clear out some extra space so you can do more with your yard! Keep reading to learn more, and contact us at EZ-Haulers today to get your free estimate!

House in Autumn.

As the weather gets colder, it’s time to prepare your home for fall. With the help of EZ-Haulers and our junk removal services, you’ll be able to relax in your house and enjoy the change in weather after a few good cleaning sessions. Here are four different ways to clean out and prepare your home for a comfy, cozy fall, and eventually, winter.

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There’s no doubt about it — things tend to accumulate pretty quickly around the house. Before you know it, your basement is full of stuff you don’t even really want anymore. It happens to everyone, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

At EZ Haulers, we’re your go-to junk removal company in Tacoma and other nearby communities. Whether you need to get rid of that mattress that’s taking up space, declutter your basement once and for all, or finally say goodbye to the old appliance that’s living in your garage, we’d love to lend a helping hand. Learn more about the junk removal services we offer below, then contact us today to get a free estimate.

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All of us have been there. A weekend garage cleanout, a basement organization, or maybe a backyard project. At some point you are going to have to let some things go, whether that is a broken down shed or a dozen boxes of newspapers you have saved, EZ-Haulers will stop by and haul it away. Regardless of what kind of junk you need to get rid of we are your local junk hauling professionals. Of course there are a few items that we are not equipped to dispose of, however, and it is important to make that distinction for our clients. Items we do not take are: cars, trucks, motorcycles and hazardous materials. That being said, our connections in Tacoma are wide and with over 20 years in the industry, we know where to refer our clients who need these items removed.

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With the holidays coming to a close, the real work begins — meaning that you are back to work without any breaks until Memorial Day. While that may not be that bad, it makes for the perfect time to schedule a long weekend to get your garage/shed/basement cleaned out. Think of it as a New Year’s resolution for your sanity. It is a proven fact that more clutter actually contributes to more stress in your life and if you are anything like the rest of us, you do not need any more stress. I am sure that you can identify areas to unclutter in your home, but it sometimes takes a push to get the process started. At EZ Haulers, we want to help. We offer dependable, affordable junk hauling all over the Seattle and Tacoma area. No more do you have to haul your unwanted stuff to the landfill,...

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We want to talk to you. Yeah you. The guy with the garage full of stuff and the broken down playhouse in the backyard. Come on in and sit down, have a frosty beverage, just listen to what we have to say, it may just make your life easier. Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are EZ Haulers, Seattle’s finest junk removal company.

There comes a moment in every man’s life when he has to face the facts. Now, we know this might be tough to hear and that it is a painful part of life, but most of us have to face up to it at some point. Much like growing old, watching the kids head off to school, or watching your dog run off with the neighbor, (Huh?) this rite of passage is simply a part of the natural cycle of life.

That’s right, Hakuna Matata, it’s time to throw away those old...

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It’s a sunny autumn day, the Seahawks game will be on soon, the grill is just a couple hours away from being fired up and the last thing you want to do is clean out your garage. Every time you see it, the anxiety courses up your spine like someone dumped a bucket of water on your head. You vaguely feel what may only be stress related chest pains as you scan the stacked boxes, piles of kids toys and totes of buried Christmas decorations. You look to your garage and then to your car sitting in the driveway, and back to your garage, wondering where the snow scraper ended up last spring.

Does this sound like something you go through whenever the weather starts to turn colder? The feeling of dread you get when you feel the first whisper of winter breathing in your ear, and you know...